Monday Utomwen

ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager
GAFM Certified Risk Analyst
Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional
IARCP Authorized Certified Trainer
PECB Certified Trainer

Monday is a risk management professional as well as a chartered insurer. He has over 10 years professional experience in managing risks. He has worked in public and private organizations and he understands the dynamics of risk and the components of institutional risk management.

He has practical experience in drafting and formulating risk policies, how to set up and run a risk management department and how to embed risk culture in organizations. Monday has been involved in providing risk reports to board of directors for effective decision making and helping managements surf through complex decision making process.

Monday has played the role of a Chief Risk Officer for 2 organizations, he is skilled, qualified and certified as a risk trainer and he is very enthusiastic about his presentations and delivery of risk information.

Monday resides in Nigeria, a country of great potential and immense opportunities.