Bill Crichton

ISO 22301 Lead Implementer
ISO 22301 Lead Auditor
Certified PECB Trainer
Approved BCI Instructor

With 22 years of experience in Business Continuity, preceded by 18 years in Information Technology, Bill Crichton has extensive knowledge of Business Continuity Management. He is a long-standing Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and has served 14 years as a Director of the BCI. He is one of a very small number of Fellows Assessors for the Institute, the current Chair of the BCI?s 20/20 Think Tank and a regular judge for the BCI Awards, and represented the Institute at events in the UK, USA, Middle East and India. He also received 4 Business Continuity Awards and been a finalist in 3 other categories:

- 2014 - Winner of BC Consultant of the Year (BCI Global Awards)
- 2014 - Winner of BC Consultant of the Year (BCI Europe Awards
- 2014 - Finalist for Industry Personality of the Year (BCI Europe Awards)
- 2008 - Finalist for Outstanding Excellence in Business Continuity (CIR Awards)
- 2008 - Finalist for BC Team of the Year (CIR Awards)
- 2006 - Winner of BC Industry Personality of the Year (CIR Awards)
- 2004 - Winner of BC Consultant of the Year (CIR Awards)

Bill has worked for companies such as Zurich Financial Services, Comdisco (now SunGard), Belgacom (Belgian Telco), Synstar Recovery Services (Europe Head of BC Consulting) and Hewlett-Packard (EMEA Head of BC Consulting) where he provided consulting across many industry sectors including; Government, Financial Services, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Legal, Telco and Energy.

Since 2012, as a Director of his own BC Consulting Company, Bill has delivered consulting to Direct Line Group, Xchanging, Lloyd?s Corporation and others. He is an internationally recognised BC expert with experience of working in UK, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and South Africa. He has also spoken at, or chaired conferences and seminars in, UK, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Middle East and India.