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Protect your Supply Chain from disruption with our new Supply Chain Continuity training

Business interruptions and disasters are more complex and unpredictable than ever. There is an increased understanding that it is a necessity to fully involve the entire Supply Chain in the Business Continuity Management System of an organization.

Customers expect products and services to be delivered as agreed upon. Fully including the Supply Chain in the company's Business Continuity Management System helps safeguard the ability to meet those expectations.

Our new Supply Chain Continuity training helps you do just that!

Introducing the new BCM-SCC Supply Chain Continuity training

This two-day training will allow participants to explore and understand the ways Supply Chain Management and Business Continuity Management need to work together to create a more resilient organization.

This training is fully compatible with Business Continuity Management best practices and internationally recognized standards ISO 22301, ISO 28000 and ISO 31000.


This course is now available for in-house delivery. Your location, your date.
Contact us and let us know about your in-house training requirements.


Los Angeles, CA, USA on 18-19 October
Indianapolis, IN, USA on 25-26 October
Savannah, GA on 29-30 November
Anchorage, AK on 05-06 November


Montreal, QC on 26-27 November
Vancouver, BC on 10-11 December


Antwerp, Belgium on 19-20 November
Madrid, Spain on 26-27 November
London, UK on 06-07 December
Amsterdam, Netherlands on 10-11 December


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Last chance to register for the BCM-FND training event in Calgary


You are invited to join us in Calgary for the BCM Foundation Training event on 01-03 October

This course is based on a comprehensive and thorough model providing you with a solid Business Continuity Management knowledge base, the methodology and the tools required to understand, implement and maintain a complete Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

This course is fully compatible with the ISO 22301 and ISO 22313 standards.

When your organization is faced with the threat of sudden disruption, being able to respond quickly and effectively is the key to survival!

> For more information, visit https://www.continuitylink.com/public/en/location.php?id=22


The new ISO 31000 LRM training is coming to New York! Will you be there?


You are invited to join us in New York for the Certified ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager training event on 22-26 October

The new ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager training enable you to acquire the expertise to support and lead your organization and its team to successfully identify, understand and manage a risk process based on ISO 31000.

During this training course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of the best practices used to implement a Risk Management framework that provides the foundation for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving a Risk Management process in an organization.

Exam and certification fees are included in the training price.

> For more information, visit https://www.continuitylink.com/public/en/location.php?id=38


In the future, Anti-Bribery will come built-in with your Android device.


In the meantime, you need ISO 37001!

Bribery is one of the world's most destructive and challenging issues. With over US$ 1 trillion paid in bribes each year, the consequences are catastrophic, reducing quality of life, increasing poverty and eroding public trust.

Recognizing this, ISO has developed a standard to help organisations fight bribery and promote an ethical business culture. ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems specifies a series of measures to help organisations prevent, detect and address bribery.

Become a Certified ISO 37001 Lead Implementer

The ISO 37001 Lead Implementer training will enable you to support your organisation in establishing, implementing, managing and maintaining an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) based on ISO 37001.

During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of the global anti-corruption best practices and effectively prevent, detect and address bribery before it negatively impacts an organisation's reputation and profits.

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