BCM Foundation Training (BCM-FND)

Course Description

The BCM foundation training will initiate the participants to the recognised BCM professional best practices as well as the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) implementation cycle.

This course is based on a comprehensive and thorough model providing the participants with a solid BCM knowledge base, the methodology and the tools required to understand, implement and maintain a complete BCMS.

This course is fully compatible with the ISO 22301 and ISO 22313 standards.


This course is designed for Professionals with minimal or no BCM experience, with the objective to acquire BCM knowledge in order to implement and maintain a high quality BCMS.

Delivery and duration

3 days


  • Identify internationally recognised standards and best practices in the field of Business Continuity Management
  • Identify and understand the components of a complete BCMS
  • Understand and describe the implementation process of a BCMS
  • Identify success factors and risks associated to a BCMS

General Information

Participants will receive a softcopy of all examples, tools, and templates reviewed during this course. These documents are license-free and are fully editable by participants for use in their own organisations. A valuable time-saver!

  • BCM project definition
  • Detailed BCM project plan
  • BCM project initiation presentation
  • BCM policy
  • Risk assessment form (high-level)
  • BIA thresholds definition tool
  • BIA project plan
  • BIA process
  • BIA questionnaire/profile
  • Full comprehensive BIA report
  • BIA presentation to Senior Management
  • BCM contractual clause for critical vendors
  • BCM strategies process and questionnaire
  • BCM strategies report
  • Complete BCM plan template
  • Crisis Management plan - Table of content
  • Emergency Response plan - Components and table of content
  • Crisis Communication framework
  • Pandemic Management framework
  • Procedures, Tools and Forms (alert, damage assessment, activation, coordination, etc.)
  • BCM exercises program
  • BCM exercise preparation
  • BCM exercise detailed scenario
  • BCM exercise report
  • Maintenance program
  • Audit questionnaire
  • Training and awareness program
  • BCM governance dashboard

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February 2014 - Ottawa, Canada
"Well done. Exercises were well crafted to support the learning. Examples and stories also helped me learn and understand."
"Found course very useful. Added a dose of reality to our BCMS which has gaps. Will be able to use training to build foundation for solid BCMS."
"Very enjoyable - Time flew. Good mix of lectures and exercises, with a little humor tossed in."

September 2013 - Accra, Ghana
"This has been a very useful course. The instruction and role plays has equipped me with necessary tools and knowledge to implement a world class BCMS."

August 2013 - Nairobi, Kenya
"All in all the training was very good and a very big eye opener to me especially that I haven't had any training in BCM and the concept was totally new. I have learnt a lot of new concepts that will equip me to be able to coordinate BCM in my affiliate."
"I am happy, my last 3 days were very value-adding to my professional work."
"Am impressed and well satisfied with the course. The instructor did a great job."